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Since 2001 we have been delivering bespoke data centre solutions and products to our customers across the globe. Today we offer the full range of IBM Enterprise Computer Products, 24/7 365 Hardware Maintenance, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions. We offer informed comprehensive solutions to assist our customers in managing their IT infrastructures today and for the future.   

We have been delivering High End Data Centre IT Products, Solutions & Maintenance Services to our customers across the globe for over fifteen years.


Using our many years of experience in the IT Industry, we offer you High Quality IT Business Solutions, which blend experience, knowledge, and technology to deliver first class data centre maintenance services and high quality, cost-effective computer hardware solutions.
All our bespoke IT Business Solutions are tailored to your specific requirements - Business Solutions that are trusted and respected throughout the industry.


Our vision is to continue to be one of the most respected IT Solutions Business' in Europe - offering the highest quality service and products around Data Centre Class Computer Equipment.


We always keep ourselves up to date with new technologies and products without forgetting about the technology and products of yesterday, a fundamental part of our business ethos.


If you are looking for an IT Services & Solutions company that is highly respected and regarded within the IT industry, you have found one. We look forward to hearing from you and to hopefully working with you and your team on your next project'


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