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IBM Withdraws from Marketing: IBM zEnterprise EC12, IBM zEnterprise BC12, and IBM z BladeCenter Extension (zBX) Model 004

16th February 2016


Effective on the withdrawal dates stated below IBM(R) will withdraw from marketing

the machine types and selected model conversions, machine upgrades, and fieldinstalled

features listed in the Withdrawn products section.


On or after the effective dates of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products

directly from IBM. The last dates you can order the withdrawn products are one day before the

effective withdrawal dates.


Effective June 30, 2016, for the listed RoHS Jurisdictions:

All models of the IBM zEnterprise(R) EC12 (zEC12) and all upgrades to the zEC12 from the IBM System 196 (z196), or IBM System z10(R) EC (z10TM EC).

All models of the IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) and all upgrades to the zBC12 from the IBM System 114 (z114), or IBM System z10 BC (z10 BC).





The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2016 - now available with FREE download!

17th January 2016


The Yearbook provides a one-stop shop for everything a mainframer needs to know. For example, the technical specification section includes a hardware timeline, and a graphic illustrating mainframe


The vendor directory section contains an up-to-date list of vendors, consultants, and service providers working in the z/OS environment. There’s a summary of the products they supply and contact information. As usual, there are a number of new organizations in the list this year – indicating that this is still an exciting market place to be in.


For many people, the highlight each year is the mainframe user survey. This illustrates just what’s been happening at users’ sites. It’s a good way for mainframers to compare what they are planning to do with what other sites have done. I will be looking at some of the survey highlights.


.You won’t want to miss out on this excellent publication

IBM Withdraws from Lease, Rental & Maintenance Agreements DS8100 & DS8300

Effective March 31, 2016


IBM will withdraw from its lease, rental, and maintenance agreements the machine types and models listed below, effective March 31, 2016


Storage Products - DS8100, DS8300

Machine type Model


2107 921, 2107 931, 2107 922, 2107 92E, 2107 9A2, 2107 9AE, 2107 932, 2107 9B2

2421 931, 2421 92E, 2421 932, 2421 9B2, 2421 9AE

2422 931, 2422 92E, 2422 932, 2422 9B2, 2422 9AE

2423 931, 2423 92E, 2423 932, 2423 9B2, 2423 9AE

2424 931, 2424 92E, 2424 932, 2424 9B2, 2424 9AE


IBM Withdraws from Lease, Rental & Maintenance Agreements DS6800

Effective September 30, 2015


IBM will withdraw from its lease, rental, and maintenance agreements the machine types and models listed below, effective September 30, 2015.


Storage Products - DS6800

Machine type Model

1750 511

1750 EX1

1750 522

1750 EX2

All 1750 Disks & Features        Products, Upgrades & Maintenance is still available from us,

                                                         contact us today to discus your DS6800 requirements.



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